Medical Applications


Suzhou Yansung chemical trading co., ltd. was founded in 2014 with its office located in zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province. It is mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of bulk raw material sales in home appliances, automobiles, electronics and other industries.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in times square, causeway bay, Yongxin technology materials (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is an international large-scale trading company focusing on the management and sales of materials. It is mainly acting as the agent of new materials, chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials and various imported equipment of international first-line brands.

We are committed to searching and discovering new trends in the field of global materials, and bringing the high-tech new materials from the world's top chemical enterprises to the Chinese market for wide application.

Main products: Optical glue, resin raw materials, film products and related raw materials applied in the photoelectric industry; General and modified resins, chemical raw materials, engineering plastics and related materials applied in home appliance, automobile industries; Chemical materials, fibers and fiber prepreg products applied in the carbon fiber industry; Import and export of mechanical and electronic equipment.

Main industries covered: Home appliances, electronics, medical, auto parts, packaging, building materials, stationery, toys, lamps, bags and so on.

Main products: PC, PE, PMMA, PP, ABS, AS, PC/ABS, GPPS, HIPS, K rubber, POM, PA6, HDPE, MBS and other plastic raw materials. Plastic modification raw materials; Carbon fiber materials and construction; Photoelectric materials, glue, liquid crystal module.

In the future, Yansung will make persistent efforts with a more active posture to boost the chemical industry. All of our experience and progress will push the company's step forward.